PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®

Assess Risk Like an Expert

Focus on recognizing and evaluating project risks, which are a crucial component of all organizational operations.

What is PMI-RMP Certification?

An integral part of every organizational activity is risk management. Why? Because risks bring with them difficulties that may lead to project failure, missed goals, delays, and costs. However, effective risk management can provide a competitive edge and even chances.
With the most recent PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® certification, you may develop into the risk expert your company needs.
Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), and English are the languages in which the RMP Exam is accessible.
Earning the PMI-RMP assures that you have the expertise to:
  • Spot problems before they happen
  • Reduce risks to the project's success
  • Understand risk management principles and methods.
  • Optimize outcomes and adhere to timelines
  • Make use of and generate opportunities
  • Conserve resources for your company and project.
Agile and hybrid environments are now covered in the PMI-RMP exam, along with enterprise-level risks that project managers must take into account.
Experts say that earning relevant certifications can boost your salary by as much as 20%.
PMI Certification holders worldwide including PMP, CAPM, PMI-RMP, and more.

How to Get Your PMI-RMP Certification


The PMI-RMP can take your career to the next level. Map out your plan to get the certification.


We have a wide range of study resources to set you up for success.

Take the Exam

With eligibility confirmed and the exam fee paid, you’ll be ready to schedule and take the exam.

Why Earn the PMI-RMP Now?

Project risk management is a critical competency that increases the likelihood of success and provides a greater degree of probability, reducing stakeholder worry. You may demonstrate your in-depth understanding and expertise in risk management, even for significant projects in intricate settings—and differentiate yourself with a PMI-RMP credential .
The PMI-RMP is particularly suited to:
  • Project Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Functional Managers
  • C-Suite Executives
Over one-third of organizations plan to increase investment in risk management and compliance in the next two years.

Am I Eligible for the PMI-RMP Exam?

he eligibility requirements for taking the exam are:
  • Secondary degree (equivalent to an associate's degree or a high school diploma worldwide)
  • 36 months of experience during the previous five years in project risk management
  • 40 hours of instruction in project risk management

— or —

  • 4 years of study (equivalent to a bachelor's degree worldwide)
  • 24 months of experience in project risk management within the previous five years
  • 30 hours of instruction in project risk management

How Much Does PMI-RMP Certification Cost?

There is an exam fee required to earn the PMI-RMP.

Member: ₹29,848.00 | Non-Member: ₹54,940.00

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