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Tie-Up Institute – We do have commercial relationships with prestigious international institutions, such the Project Management Institute USA Florida, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, and University of Hong Kong, among others. These are some of the best universities and institutes in the world, and we can offer you a certificate or degree from them.

Certification Process – You must take to different examinations at two different dates in order to be awarded all necessary certifications. After placing an order, you must take the pre-board exam (the 1st Exam), then 120-180 days later, the on-board exam. For your preparation, a dedicated institute will give you live training sessions, training videos, and study material over the course of 120-180 days.

Obtaining Method of Certification Degree – After pass the pre-board exam, you will obtain a professional certification degree in soft copy form the university or institution within 48-72 business hours, which you can use to show the company. After passing the pre-board exam, the university or institute will send you a professional certification degree in hard copy to your postal address within 15-20 business days.

Online Classes- Certification Course Online classes will start after 120 days from the pre-board exam. PMI will share a video tutorial (study material) and the online class schedule (weekend only) with you. We will also help you fix the final on-board exam date and time in between 150 and 180 days from the pre-board exam.

Examination Process – For both exams, you must participate using an online platform on an actual university or institute server. This exam will be a combination of all necessary professional certifications and will include questions form desired professional certifications and will include questions from desired professional certification specialization sectors. There will be a 90-120-minute time limit, you have to respond to total of 90-120 objective questionnaires. All exam questions will be derived from the provided study material, and we will be available to assist you where-ever you need it, throughout the exam via Google Meet.